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The Avocado Co-op sells household products that
make it easier to live more sustainably.

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All the easiest to use and most effective products in one place. Something missing? Suggest it.

Product Research

Sharing the research with the community to find the best products.

Community Driven

As a co-op, our bottom line is making it easier for you to live more sustainably.

The Care Package

Customizable to fit your life.

Our first service is the Care Package, a customizable monthly delivery service designed to keep you stocked with sustainable versions of household products.

For $48 a year subscription fee you get access to great prices on recycled personal paper products to water friendly cleaning supplies and access to the Care Package distribution network where available.

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The Co-op

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About the Co-op

Podcast at MakeExpo

Albert talks with Jim and Ryan from @WootSuit about the Co-op, DIY laundry powder, and making.

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