Covid-19 Notes


Indoor pick up options including workplaces have been suspended until further notice.

To make up for it we are offering free hand delivery to anyone who needs it.

Our members requested that re-introduce $5 hand delivery as an option for those who are able to pay and want to support the co-op.

Pick up from porches or other outdoor locations is possible. The main option is from our head quarters at 42 Menno Street in Waterloo. If you are interested in volunteering your porch email us at

Refill Service, Box and Jar Pickups

The refill service continues during covid. We always wash the jars with a sanitize setting between uses.

Additionally, we are asking members who have ordered in a given month to let us pick up boxes and jars from them several days before we pack the orders. This allows time for the boxes and jars to sit before they are used again.

Product Availability

The Cascades Fluff and Tuff toilet paper and paper towel aren't available to us right now. In the mean time we are offer Cascades' commercial offerings for toilet paper and paper towel which are made from 100% recycled content.

Safety First

We take our community and member safety very seriously. Being able to continue to offer our service to help everyone live more sustainably in these challenging times is very important to everyone involved in the co-op. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we find our way through.