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Membership Only

  • Regular prices
  • Free select pickups in Kitchener and Waterloo
  • Orders are shipped out as available, usually within a week
  • Part owner of the co-op, including voting rights, investing and running for the board of directors.

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  • Lower prices
  • $5 hand delivery & free pickups in Kitchener and Waterloo
  • Subscription service with monthly order reminders
  • All benefits of being a member of the co-op, $10 lifetime membership included in your first year.
  • Try it for 4 months, cancel anytime

Why we charge a yearly service fee

The service fee helps to cover our fixed costs, supports our product research, and enables us to develop additional services which will help you live more sustainably.

It enables the co-op to be focused on providing great service rather than trying to sell enough products to make ends meet. Being a sustainable living store can be tricky, consumerism has contributed to our society's unsustainability, but with careful choices such as the yearly service fee, we think we can build a post-consumerism retail co-op experience.